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Structure and Function of the OUAT Alumni Association

1. Executive Committee:

The executive powers of the association vests on the executive committee. The Executive Committee consist of the following positions.

a. President

b. Vice-president

c. Joint Secretary

d. Treasurer

f. Executive Members (eighteen numbers – two each from nine faculties, viz. Agriculture, Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Engineering, Fishery, Forestry, Horticulture, Community Science/ Home Science, Basic Sciences , Post Graduate studies).

In future, when a new faculty will be introduced at OUAT, two additional members for each new faculty will be nominated/ elected to the Executive body.

The tenure of the elected executive committee shall be normally for a period of two consecutive years. The executive committee shall have power to co-opt members to form committee sub-committee and call for periodical meetings to achieve the objectives of the Association.

2. Membership:

An individual, by obtaining his/her degree from OUAT, shall be eligible to enrol himself/ herself as a life member of the Association.

The life membership fee shall be one time subscription of Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred) only. The life membership fee can be revised from time to time on recommendation by the Executive Committee and after approval of the General Body.

The Vice Chancellor of OUAT shall be the Chief Patron of the Association.

A person contributing significantly to any development work in the University may be taken in as a patron of Association, if so recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Body.

The Registrar, Comptroller and Director of Physical Plant of OUAT shall be the Ex-Officio members of the Association

A member of the Association shall cease to be a member on happening of any of the following events:

● If he dies resigns, becomes of unsound mind, becomes insolvent or is convicted by court law.

● The General Body shall have power to expel a member if his/her activities go against the interest of the Association on the recommendation of Executive Committee.

A Registration Form for membership shall be rendered to the President and it shall take effect on acceptance by the General Body.

A terminated member may be readmitted by the approval of two-third members present in a General Body meeting.

3. Powers/Functions of the Executive Committee:


The president shall preside over all the meetings of the Association.

The President shall have the power to allow inclusion of any subject/ matter in agenda for the discussion in the meeting. At the time of voting on any matter/subject (except elec

At the time of voting on any matter/subject (except election), if the total votes of the groups of members happen to be equal in number, the President shall have the power to cast one extra vote to decide the matter/subject.


The Vice President of the society shall enjoy all the powers of the President in his/her absence


▸ The secretary shall be responsible for the smooth and timely execution of the resolutions and approved programs of the Executive Committee and General Body.

▸ The secretary shall maintain minutes of each meeting.

▸ The secretary shall carry on all correspondences relating to the Association and of the Executive Committee in accordance with the bye laws and the resolutions passed under these rules.

▸ The secretary shall be the, custodian of the title deeds, all records and other documents relating to the transaction of the Association and shall be in charge of all movable and immovable properties belonging to the Association.

▸ The secretary shall prepare all reports and Annual Report on the activities of the Association and place it before the Executive Committee for its Approval.


▸ The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintenance of proper accounts and relevant records and discharge his duties as may be entrusted to him by the Executive Committee from time to time.

▸ The Treasurer shall receive all payments/donations/subscriptions on behalf of the Association and deposit the same in the accounts of the Associations.

▸ The Treasurer jointly with the Secretary or the President shall have power to withdraw money from the account and disburse the same to the person/firm concerned as per the decision of Executive Body /General Body.

▸ The Treasurer shall prepare the statement of receipts and expenditures made during each quarter and circulate the same in the Executive Committee meeting.

▸ The Treasurer shall prepare the Annual budget of the Association in consultation with President and General Secretary and shall place the same before the executive Committee for audit and place it for approval of the general Body.

▸ The treasurer shall be the custodian of stationery, furniture and all other properties of the Association.


The Joint secretary shall assist the secretary in all the activities of the association and shall carry out activities of the secretary in his/her absence.

4. Executive Committee Meeting:

◉ The Executive Committee shall normally meet once in every three months in the office of the Association.

◉ The Secretary shall issue notice to the members for convening meeting of the Executive Committee with the approval of the President or on a requisition made by 3/5th members of the Executive Committee before seven days.

◉ The quorum for the Executive Committee Meeting shall be minimum 3/5th of members of the executive committee.

◉ The meeting of the Executive Committee will be presided over by the President and in the event of the absence of the President, the Vice-President will preside.

◉ Any controversy arisen in a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be decided by a majority of the Members present and in case of equal votes, the Chair Person shall have the power to case a second vote.

◉ Any Member of the Executive Committee who remains absent for three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee leave of absence/intimation shall be debarred from the membership of the Executive Committee.

5. General Body Meeting:

◉ The Secretary shall issue notice to the members for convening General Body meeting with the approval of the President/Executive Committee before one month.

◉ The notice of the Annual General Body along with details of the venue, date and time will be notified in the notice board of the Association and any other means for intimation to the members.

◉ Apart from the Annual General Body Meeting, the Executive Committee may convene emergent General Body Meetings if necessary, hereinafter referred to as Extra-ordinary General Body Meetings.

◉ If 1/3rd of the existing bonafide members send a requisition to the President or to the Secretary, in writing, requesting to convene an Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting to consider important issue in the interest of the Association, it shall be duly considered by the Executive Committee and such Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting shall be convened with one month notice.

◉ The quorum for the General Body Meeting of the association shall be 3/5th of the bonafide life members of the association.