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Alumni Association OUAT

Objectives of the OUAT Alumni Association

1. To provide a platform through which alumni member of the University can interact with the students, faculties and staff of the University and get involved in the activities of the University and with one another.

2. To enable the Alumni members to take part in such activities of the University which may contribute to the General improvement of the status of the University and Io foster friendship and fraternity among the alumni.

3. To provide necessary technical support to the alumni members for enrichment of their professional career.

4. To institute prizes and scholarships for students of the University and to render financial support to deserving poor students studying at the University.

5. To bring out bulletins periodically, highlighting the salient current achievements of the Alumni and University and any other publication as and when required.

6. To maintain and regulate Chapter of the Association within India and abroad as and when desirable by the Alumni.

7. To cooperate, physically, financially and otherwise with the Government, Universities farming communities and other similar organizations for the wholesome growth of the University and the agrarian community of the state as a whole.

8. To encourage extra-curricular and cultural activities of the members of the Association.

9. To take active part in social activities, especially at the time of the profession and to co-operate with similar other Associations having common interest.

10. To maintain honour and dignity and to safeguard the eights and interests of the profession and to co-operate with similar other Associations having common interest.

11. To conduct such activities required for furtherance of the objectives of the Association.

12. To conduct seminars/conference/workshops/meetings on agriculture and allied areas for promotion of professional activities.

13. To advise, interact and affiliate with Govt./PSUs/Universities and similar professional associations on matters related to promotions of education, research, training and extensions activities in agriculture and allied subjects.

14. To raise or acquire funds or properties from Central Govt., State Govt., Foreign agencies, Non-Govt. agencies or charitable trusts by way of donation or grants or contribution. The funds, properties, assets and all other resources of the Association shall be utilized for any or the purpose or objects of the association.

15. To receive grants from Govt., PSU and any other similar organization for imprinting skill up-gradation training, program evaluation of Govt. sponsored programs of Agriculture and allied departments.